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This is the English version of the blog Gule Gardiner og Klassikere.  There are more posts on the original, but we will start translating the most interesting posts, so you will know where to go when you visit the cities we have visited!


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Daniel Pub – 3 Curtains

Dorsk Flag duoPå Dorsk

Daniel Pub

Ompa Ompa – Germany here we come! It was a little funny that we ended here the day we were invited to a Octoberfest at night. In addition we sometime dedicate a song to the place. Here it will be Daniel by Elton John.

I was “warned” in advance to this place. Finally I would see a brown café/yellow curtain in Trondheim. In my opinion it is not so special. I am often in southern Germany, and they have plenty of places like this. You have the long benches, the light wooden tables. The bar is little, and with an overbar with many small liquor bottles. There are 2 rooms, one large and a small one  The separation between the room resembles another bar. On the other separation there is a big wooden Danish ship. The ceiling is decorated by ugly mirrors.

Maybe the image comes from the fact at the regulars are a little over the student age, and you can see it? If you are a young student, you are not drawn to this place.

You find the South Germany of Trondheim here.  The grade is a weak 3, I have to come here once more to be sure.

Today’s Beer Quote
“We old folks have to find our cushions and pillows in our tankards. Strong beer is the milk of the old.”

-Martin Luther

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Bobby’s Bar – 2 Curtains

Dorsk Flag duoPå Dorsk


It is good for Bobby Ewing, Kennedy or whoever this place is named after that we have been here before. At that time we were very impressed by their hospitality, positivity and sense of humor. We thought all the negative we had read about the place was far out. After doing a checkup visit, this place failed totally. If it had not been for the first visit, this would be a one curtain place.

As we enter, the friendliness was there a little bit. We go to the free table with benches around that have the flower pattern from the 80ies. You have some French pictures on the walls. The room is small. Were we sit, there is a TV. We like TV to see sports and so on. We were there when the news came on. The regulars are from the grey haired age. No problem there, but they have all forgotten their hearing aid at home, and the sound is turned up. We try to hint that the sound is a little high. This makes them turn it on max sound, so we cannot hear anything we try to talk about.

We give it a 2, for the first good impression.  We will also check the next time we come to Trondheim. You find Bobby’s here. The beer is not especially cheap.

Today’s Beer Quote.
Beer was invented by accident – the accident was that it was not invented earlier
Monrad & Rislund.


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Old Engine Oil

Dorsk Flag duoPå Dorsk

I was eating dinner at one of my favourite places in Stockholm, Man in the Moon. For dinner I had a regular beer on tap, but after the food,  I wanted to have a look at the beer chart. My eyes fell on “Old Engine Oil”, and decided for no particular reason that this beer was well suited for me.

Old Engine Oil

The beer is from Harvieston Brewery. The brewery was founded by Ken Brooker, who has worked for Ford Motor Company for many years. Maybe this is where he came up with the name? The brewery is Scottish and use untreated spring water from the Ochill Hills. This is an ale and is black as engine oil. It is 6% and also gets your machinery going. A good after dinner beer.

It is made on pale malt, roasted barley and malted oats – a good combination. In the making of the beer they also tried chockolate powder and smoked malt, but it did not end up in the final product. Old Engine Oil is well-hopped with the sweetish variety Galena from Washington State, Worchester Fuggles and East Kent Golgings.

It is like silk in the mouth and is absolutely worth a try. Better oil for the old machinery is hard to find!

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Møllecafeen – 2 Curtains

Dorsk Flag duoPå  Dorsk


This a pub on Mølle Alle 16 in Valby. You enter directly into the action. It is a little cornerpub, with 5 round tables. A little bar, painted in red. There are mirrors behind the bar. There is red paneling and the rest of the walls are in yellow. There are small black and white drawings and paintings from Copenhagen on the walls.

The guests are local. They are very interested in their one armed bandits. They are from different social background, but have the love for a cold beer in common. The beer selection is limited. The only one on tap is a Tuborg Classic for DKK.

smokers vacation

A good place for a smokers vacation.

Todays Beer Quote:
“Fermentation may have been a greater discovery than fire.”

-David Rains Wallace


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Mormors Stue – 4 Curtains

Dorsk Flag duoPå Dorsk


In a little alley lays this place that is properly named. In English the name is grandma’s living room. This is exactly the feeling you get when you enter.  There are many small rooms with old furniture. There are heckled table clothes, curtains with laces. Yes, Grandma cozy!  Upstairs there is a big living room with a big fireplace in addition to a smaller living room. The furniture is old and grandma like.

The place is famous for being the place with the cheapest beer in Trondheim. The combination of this fact and the coziness makes it a very popular and crowded place. The people are of all ages. A good place to visit if you are in Trondheim. You find their homepage here.

Todays Beer Quote
“I never met a pub I didn’t like.”

-Pete Slosberg, Founder of Pete’s Brewing Company

4 Gardiner

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Grusgraven – 3 Curtains

Dorsk Flag duoPå  Dorsk


I have passed by Grusgraven sevaral times without entering.  Without any good reason, but after a couple of visits, I will recommend to not pass by, but enter.

You enter directly into the living room, almost like grandmothers living room.  There are 3 rooms at granny.  In the first there is the bare. It is a corner bar, with an hanging over bar. They do not have any beers on tap unfortunately, but the service is good and humorous. The beer is cheap.

In the next living room, there are many paintings and some of the kitschy printed mirrors from the popular 80ies. The walls are in duo toned Tuborg Green. The interior is a mix of many different benches and tables.  The lamps are in the style from last century.  There are many flowers. You have to enjoy cigarette smoke, because it is allowed to smoke there. In the final room there is a little table.

smokers vacation

It is a popular place with a lot of guests. They were a little on the old side when we last visited, but I know there are a lot of students here also.  You can see some nice features as this exit sign:

Grusgraven Exit

You find Grusgraven on the corner of Enghavevej 11

Today’s Beer Quote:
24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case. Coincidence?

Stephen Wright


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Det Lille Øresund – 3 Curtains

Dorsk Flag duoPå Dorsk

Det lille oresund

I have been here several times throughout the years.  No matter when I come, day or night. It is a popular pub. The regulars sits around the bar and tables, and tell stories. The atmosphere is authentic, even though the wall paneling is of plastic.

The pub is L-shaped. They have no beers on Tap, unfortunately.  A plus for the yellow curtains in the windows.

The people are a little over middle age, but friendly. Some had also taken their dog with them when we were there. You may smoke, so a good place for smokers vacation.

smokers vacation

The pub is in Oehlenschlægersgade 41. It is easy to locate because of the orange front.

Today’s Beer Quote:
“I fear the man who drinks water and so remembers this morning what the rest of us said last night.”
Greek Proverb


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