The Nag’s Head – 5 Curtains

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In a small hidden street not far from Harrod’s lies this wonderful genuine pub. It’s a small pub independent from the big breweries and run by Kevin, a fantastic character of a landlord.

When you enter you feel maybe you come to an old beer shop from a couple of centuries ago, the ones you imagine was there when Dickens lived. There is a low bar, wooden floors and old seating by the window. There is a fireplace and several old posters, skates and other antiques on the wall. I found it especially amusing with the old “one-armed bandits” and the old penny slots.

Since the front was packed when we were there, we went down to the back of the pub. Another cozy room, with wood paneling floors, old furniture and again a fireplace. I like the mix of the different old furniture. When you sit in the old worn leather sofa beside the fireplace, you are kind of set back to the old days. You can be kept in the old days for a long time, because you will not be interrupted by mobile phones. Kevin has banned them, and will throw out the ones who ignore this ban. Another thin Kevin will tell you is to hang up your coat. Don’t misunderstand me, Kevin is not a Nag, but a landlord who cares for his customers.

There is a good mix of regulars and people who have heard about it and stops by. There is a good atmosphere here. You can also be served very good traditional pub food here.

The beer is maybe a little more expensive than most pubs, but I think it is worth it many times over.

A must in London

Today’s Normism:
“Beer, Normie?”
“Uh, Coach, I dunno, I had one this week. Eh, why not, I’m still young.”


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