The Stage Door – 4 Curtains

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Stage door due

In a little side street close to Victoria Station is this cosy pub. The pub is not very big, but nicely split up. You have a long low bar at the far wall when you enter. It looks like an old pharmacy’s counter. The old pharmacy look is also evident in the beautiful shelves behind the bar. Very nice. In front of the bar there are big areas where you can stand and talk. In this area there would at least have been 2 tables in good ol’ dk. But this is sociable; you meet and get in contact with people.

Then to the right you have the “sitting section”. A nice touch with this is the little bar feeling you get by the way you can sit around the section. There is a shelf with a lot of patina you can put your beer, and you sit on bar stools. Again this is very social and you get easily in touch with others. The tables also look like they have been used a lot, and make it authentic. There is also a little “make out section”, a subtle ATM so you can pay your drinks.

They have kept the place quite light, and I can like that! It helps against the beer goggles i get late at night!

The staff is very friendly and you can get about 15 different draft beers in this place.

I met very friendly people here, and I recommend it. If it hadn’t been for the hideous red British pub ceiling, it would be perfect!

The daily Normism:
“Whaddya say, Norm?”
“Well, I never met a beer I didn’t drink. And down it goes.”

4 Gardiner

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