Ye Old Mitre Tavern – 5 Curtains

Dorsk Flag duo På Dorsk


This is what you can call a really hidden gem.  It is in a little alley that you cannot easily find on a map.  But it is worth searching for!.

The first tavern was established already in 1546, but there has been several establishments on this location ever after.

It is very cozy and popular. There are two rooms downstairs and one upstairs.  There are high dark wooden panels, pictures in the ceiling of old English Kings and Queens.

There is a lot of business men, but a good atmosphere, and easy to get in touch with other people.  It has a good selection of Ale’s.

Highly recommended!

Todays  Beer Quote:
“Always remember that I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me.”

-Winston Churchill


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2 Responses to Ye Old Mitre Tavern – 5 Curtains

  1. Moxi says:

    This takes me back! Gode London-minner… Jeric: Hva heter puben i Holborn der du kan sitte i et eget avlukke ved bardisken? På din utmerkete pub-tour i vår var dette en av pubene du tok oss med til. Pent dekorert med glassvegger og stukkatur både her og der. Den skal avlegges visitt ved neste London-besøk i desember! Men det var navnet? Prince/Princess-et-eller-annet…?

    • jericgulgardin says:

      Hei Bente
      Princess Louise – anmeldelsen med kart og det hele kommer i August! Skal se om jeg kan lage en eller anden interaktiv metode for å vise vår rute…. Men bilder og videos er visst lost! Men jeg jobber med saken!

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