The Thomas Cubitt – 3 Curtains

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Pub or Bar?

The interior is almost nordic. High tree panels painted in light green. It is almost like an old hunting lodge. There are stuffed heads and at the far end there is a fantastic peacock. The bar is big half island bar, in the original tree, very grand. The tables are very close and but are very nice with a good patina. It is very popular and (too) packed. But is it a pub – or is it a restaurant. Everyone is dining? When it is situated in these quarters it is the well to do’s that goes here.

The atmosphere seems good, but a little atypical for an English pub. There are no place you can stand up to so you can talk to others. The tables are too close, so you can’t move.

If you had removed 4-5 tables it would have been a very good place!

Here is their homepage.

Todays Beer Quote

“Beer: So much more than just a breakfast drink.”
-Whitstran Brewery sign

3 Curtains

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