The Duke of Wellington – 4 Curtains

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After walking through an area where the Bentley’s outnumber the Porches, it feels good to enter an old and true corner pub.  It is not big, but you can say fitting, and cosy. The half islan bar fills half the room.  The hosts are very friendly.

You have the usual red patterned carpet, but fortunately not the hideous ceilings that we are used to in England.  There are posh and elegant benches along the walls.  There is also memorabilia of the good duke, that was also known as the iron duke.

You have some youngsters discussing their geometry …. I am glad aI am finished with that!.  The Bentley drivers are there with their expensive shirts and cufflinks. There is a very good atmosphere. A lesson to be learned for other pubs!

Todays Beer Quote.
“A woman drove me to drink and I didn’t even have the decency to thank her.”

-W.C. Fields

4 Gardiner

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