The Moose – 3 Curtains

The Classic dedicated to the moose is: “Diger elg på puta”  by Falsk Mathisen

This is the first Copenhagen bar I knew. I went to this AFS seminar in Humlebæk, and we had one night in CPH. One of the participants from Austria had lived a semester in CPH and coerced us into Moose. Now I know why, almost 15 years later it is still famous for their good mood and friendly bartenders. Young students still get drunk in the week. Beer is cheap.

Even though you are a middle aged thirsty man, you are treated cordially. The bar is long, in wood and appealing. In spirits they also cover the important ones,

The interior is of course a matter of taste. Do you like white simplistic, somber walls; you should just pass this place. People from all over the world has written their messages and it’s fun to read.

This place is not for a an old man like myself, but it’s fun to se that there is still some things that last from the days I was young and beautiful, especially when it’s only the ”and” left.

A pint cost 23 DKK!  You find The Moose in Sværtegade

Today’s Normism:
“Can I draw you a beer, Norm?”
“No, I know what they look like. Just pour me one.”

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