Cafe Fyret – 4 Curtains

Dorsk Flag duoPå Dorsk
Cafe Fyret

A very good place, but hidden! A nice light house over the door, leads you in to this classic bodega in the maritime style. There are safety belts, pictures of ships, brass artifacts and much more.  There are tree panels in chest height with red walls.  New leather sofas in black. Large wine barrels above the entrance.

There is a jukebox that plays low music, and the usual one arm bandits.

The owner is from Thailand is friendly, and so are the many guests!

smokers vacation

This is a nice place for a smokers vacation on Østerbro.

Todays Normism

“What do you say to a beer, Normie?”
“Hiya, sailor. New in town?”

4 Gardiner
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