Cask and Glass – 4 Curtains

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Cask and glass

In the area around Victoria, where there is a lot of new development, lies this very charming little old pub. It is tucked away on a corner in the back streets. By little, I mean little. There are a total of 4 tables inside and 3 outside.

The bar is small and narrow, with a few beers, but it has room for the Ales from the hand pumps. There are leather sofas along the wall and a few chairs at the tables. The place has black painted panels.

This is close to the tourist area, but with few tourists. It seems more like business people who come in for a drink or food at lunch and after work. The pub is always crowded and a good atmosphere.

Today’s Normism:
“What’d you like, Normie?”
“A reason to live. Gimme another beer.”

4 Gardiner

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