Vinstue 90 – 5 Curtains

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Would you a like a waiting beer? Then Vinstue 90 or halvfemseren is the place you have been looking for! Halvfemseren is known for it’s “Slow Beer”  You get the good Carlsberg Beer from a czech tap. They only pour foam which get the time to settle down. You do this many times until your beer gets a very creamy foam. The process is similar to the good old days when you pumped the beer with handpower and did not use carbon dioxide.  This process takes 15-20 minutes, so why no take a bottle of Tuborg or Carlsberg while you wait? Hence the term waiting beer. 🙂

Halvfemseren was nominated as Pub of the year in the AOK (the biggest nightlife site in DK). It is easy to understand.  Incredible friendly waiters, with the owner Peter steady leadershop, an intimate and cosy pub, and interior that has not changed much in the 90 years it has been open. The regulars are also welcoming, and you get a varied range of visitors who comes for the famous beer and atmosphere.


If you would like to go online theres is a free wireless net.

Hmmmm in a blog you should write something personal… There is written so much about Vinstue 90.  Am I Objective when I write about my most visited pub? OF COURSE!  Does’t matter – come and see for yourself!

It can be ” a little” smoky at times, but in this prohibition times isn’t that ok?

Simon Spies – the famous Danish business tycoon, with eccentric habits had this as his favorite pub.

Halvfemseren has yellow curtains in the window, you can see them at Gammel Kongevej 90

You can smoke here, and the ebst choice for a smokers vacation.

Today’s Normism
“Can I draw you a beer, Norm?”
“No, I know what they look like. Just pour me one.”

5 Gardiner

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