Cafe Dyrehaven – 4 Curtains

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Cafe Dyrehaven

The old pub Dyrehaven has risen again as Cafe Dyrehaven. It is a good arising because they have kept a lot of the old Danish Bodega culture, when they have moved over to the new hip café culture. You might lose some of the Bodega Charm, but it is good that some of it lives on!

They have kept the old booths by the entrance, the old dark tree from the fifties and cool lamps from the seventies. They walls are in good “yellow curtain” yellow. The bar is just the right size, from the fifties in the old wood. The bar stools seems seventies but works ok. Behind the bar there is the same fifties wood all the way to the ceiling. There is red respatex on the tables. The rest of the interior is collected from flea markets and it works.

You don’t get the Carlsberg Monopoly beers, but relatively expensive and good beer from micro breweries.

You find the the place on Sønder Boulevard, and there homepage is here.

Todays Normism:
“How about a beer, Norm?”
“Hey I’m high on life, Coach. Of course, beer is my life.”

4 Gardiner

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