Kongen og Knægten – 3 Curtains

Dorsk Flag duoPå Dorsk

Kongen og knaegten

Wow – when I come in, I immediately start to think about the classic danish film Olsenbanden – The King and the Jack as is the name of the place. The female lead character Yvonne would like it here. It is very royal. You have the royal red walls. There is a royal corner, with big pictures of the royals, and chairs where you can sit like a royal. The chandeliers are royal, and royal pictures and illustrations over all.

The bar is nice, and everything is clean and nice. A little jukebox plays good classic Danish music, with the royal golf clubs at the side.  There is also a royal pooltable.

You can also get a royal lunch here.

But Denmark is not so royal anymore – there are not so many people. You can meet the kings and the jacks at Strandboulevarden 71

Todays Normism:
“Hey Norm, how’s the world been treating you?”
“Like a baby treats a diaper.”


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