Princess Louise – 4 Curtains

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Princess Louise Outside

I have often wondered how it would be to walk into a newly furbished bar back in the Victorian age. Now I know. Princess Louise is such a place!  In 2007 it was refurbished to how it was back then. And it is beautiful!

Princess Louise int 1Princess Louise int 2

You walk in and you get to a long hall with a lot of doors to your right.  Enter one of the door and you have your own partition.  I have earlier described the “snob screens” at the Lamb.  Here you get a “snob compartment” or enclave for you and your friends.  The enclave is filled with solid dark mahogany and etched glass.

Princess Louise int 3Princess Louise int 4

The bar is beautiful!  A large Island bar in the same mahogany.  You can stand and look at details in the wood for a long time.  If you don’t want to be a snob you can move out of the enclave and sit by the fireplace, or some of the tables.  Move around and look at the fantastic details.  The ceiling, glass paneling, doors, lamps and the list goes on.  If you are P-Boy (prostate  or pee) like me and my friend who visits the gents room often, this is possibly the most beautiful and ornate in any pub I have been in!

Princess LouisePrincess Louise, Duchess of Argyllwas,
the 6th child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

It is a very popular pub, both for Londoners and tourists. So you meet a big variety of people here.

Princess Louise is definitely one of the must see pubs in London.  It is very close to a 5 in our ranking, but it misses a little of the patina and atmosphere that old pubs have.  You find Princess Louise here.  Again Sam Smith does it!

Todays Beer Quote:
“He was a wise man who invented beer.”


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