Cafe Halvvejen – 4 Curtains

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Cafe Halvvejen duo

Watch out for pickpockets are the sign that greets you at the door. Bigger sales teaser is it a long time since I have seen….

Well I win over my fright for long fingers, and go down the steps and am genuinely surprised. The first thing you see is a selection of old bottles, casks and glasses. The room is so small that there is just a bar and 4 tables. There are thick logs in the ceiling, high paneling with a shelf. Everything is kept in the dark classical brown color.  On the walls there are old pictures and Tuborg/Carlsberg relics. Very nice! The biggest relic for me is the 1 kr coin game. It looks old, and brings back memories from the good old 70ies. Everything is well smoked. I have read that there has been a bar here since 1789 and you can feel that.

The atmosphere on a Friday afternoon is good. A lot of young, and not so young, is enjoying themselves. The servants are friendly and serviceminded.

smokers vacation

A good place for Norwegians on smokers vacation, and the prices are pleasant. Café Halvvejen is situated centrally in Krystallgade, close to Rundetaarn. Their homepage is here.

Today’s Beer Quote:
“Prohibition makes you want to cry into your beer and denies you the beer to cry into.”
-Don Marquis

4 Gardiner

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