Cafe Malmø – 4 Curtains

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Cafe Malmø

In this blog we often dedicate classic song to the place. To Café Malmø we have dedicated Otto Brandenburgs “Når en sailor går i land”. Which means something  like ”when a sailor goes ashore.”  When I enter this classic pub, I have Otto’s voice in my head.

This old tavern from the 1870ies has been a favorites place and gem for sailors for generations. On the walls there are old relics from the 7 seas, and in the roof there is a jungle of bottle openers. The myth is that there was a sailor that entered the bar in 1970 and gave 2 bottle openers away. This led to the tradition that sailors and other visitors took bottle openers when they came. Café Malmø has been in Guiness Book of Records for all their bottle openers. The record was more than 5000, but today it is “only” about 3500. The previous landlord took the rest. Inge is the landlord today  – and is a nice person who would never do something like thisJ.

The bar is in the happy 50ies style with high Brazilian Rosewood – or is it teak?  This is the question I always ask when I go to places like Funch’s Vinstue, Café Dyrehaven, and the like, but no one gives me an answer! Beside the bar there is a room for billiard, and the usual roundup of one armed bandits.

The regulars are friendly and are happy to share their stories and experiences. There is a lot of laughter.

The only negative we found was that there is only bottled beer. But this is the first place without beer on tap, which gets a 4!

If there are other sailors that want to go ashore, you can do that on Havnegade 35

smokers vacation

A good place for a smokers vacation. Why not bring a bottle opener?

Todays. Normism:
“What would you say to a nice beer, Normie?”
“Going down?”

4 Gardiner

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