Charlie’s Bar – 4 Curtains

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Charlies bar

It says proudly independent on the sign as you enter. Just like on the respected places in England. You have to give it to them. There is not much Carlsberg slavery over this place. This is one of the most genuine bars in Copenhagen, and certainly the most genuine English ale bar.

I built my own bar in the cellar of my former house. The biggest inspiration to this bar was Charlies and Kennedy’s. The reason is that the bar is big and monumental. Behind the bar there are shelves against a raw brick wall. In the roof, you have can see all the beers they have served. The beer is fresh and in good English tradition, with primarily English beer. On the wall there are pictures of English brewery workers and breweries. Along the walls you have lovely worn chairs and benches.

The atmosphere is very good. You have to love your drinking neighbor since it is a popular place.

The size of the place says you should be able to smoke here, but the landlord that smokes himself writes the following.

Dear Regulars and Customers
Unfortunately Charlie’s is being transformed into a Smoking Den and away from a Traditional Pub where you come to enjoy good beer, adult company and a smoke. Staff, Management and regular customers alike feel strongly, that the increase in people just coming to Charlie’s to have a cigarette is having an adverse effect on the pub’s famous social fabric and atmosphere.

As an experiment for the warmer weather outside, we hope…, we shall go Smoke Free for the Spring and Summer seasons. Feedback from you is to be encouraged, and we shall review the ban for the Autumn and Winter seasons during this smoke free period.

We sincerely apologise to our regulars for interfering with 400 years of adult enjoyment of tobacco and hope they can at least still enjoy drinking probably the best beer in town.

Any complaints should not be directed at the pub’s staff, but in writing to the Nanny State and her meddling politicians who dreamt up this unfair law in the first place.

I respect this. I am a little occupied about the smokers vacation for my friends. I will check this winter if it can be a vacation spot in the winter.

Charlie’s Bar is in Pilestrædet 33.

Today’s Normism
“Can I pour you a draft, Mr. Peterson?”
“A little early, isn’t it Woody?”
“For a beer?”
“No, for stupid questions.”

4 Gardiner

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