Buddha Bar – Vester Kro – 3 Curtains

Dorsk Flag duoPå Dorsk

Buddha Bar

Can you get a spiritual pub. On Vesterbro Torv they are trying. They have 4 Buddha figures, an owner that is a Buddhist and the closest neighbor is Elias Church. It is a little spiritual to enjoy a cold beer isn’t it?

In my view, the old Name Vester Kro is a better name. Buddha Bar makes you think about other cafes around Europe with a totally different style than this.

The pub is relatively small, with a bar that is quite large. There is the 70ies kitch wallpaper on the walls and the bar. Well worn, and is falling of the bar some places. There are benches along the walls and mirrors above the benches. The lamps are nice.

The service is very good, and the atmosphere is good. You can sit outside in the summer. But it is strange that it costs more here than on the other cafeterias on the square.

smokers vacation

It is a good place for a smokers vacation. You find Buddha Bar here.

Today Beer Quote:
“Everybody has to believe in something…..I believe I’ll have another drink.”
-W.C. Fields


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