Seven Stars – 4 Curtains

Dorsk Flag duoPå Dorsk

Seven StarsThis is a small very old pub. It actually dates from 1602, and survived the fire of London in 1666.

When you come in my thought is that it is a little bohemian French Cafe inspired.  There are many small rooms with wooden floors, and crooked ceilings. The staircase upstairs to the toilet is very steep. On the walls there are black and white pictures.

It is a very popular pubs, especially at lunch and early evening.  You might not get a table and will stand outside on the pavement. It is packed with people from the nearby courts. You will find the fat female house cat – called Tom Paine.  It has a white collar, supposedly to honor the legal profession.

Tom PaineTom Paine

The landlady Roxy Beaujolais has been on TV. She runs her pub with a loving firm hand. The ale is well kept and good.

Not so many tourists as it is packed with the loyal followers. You find it here:

Todays Beer Quote:
“The roots and herbes beaten and put into new ale or beer and daily drunk, cleareth, strengtheneth and quickeneth the sight of the eyes.”

-Nicholas Culpeper

4 Gardiner

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