Hviids Vinstue – 4 Curtains

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Hviids Vinstue

This might be the most famous place in Copenhagen for Norwegians and Swedes. The reason is clear: It is a very cozy place where the history sits in the walls.

This is the oldest “vinstue” in Copenhagen and was founded in 1723. You enter down in the basement. To the right there is a cozy “living room” with old furniture. In the main room there is a little bar and small faceted windows, and benches along the walls.  Walk on – to the right you can enjoy your smoke. Further down you can find one more bar, the kitchen is here and a little scene.

Those who comes here beside Norwegians, who comes to their Beer Embassy, is Swedes and other tourists. There is also one or two from the National Theatre. At least it looks like it when you see the drawings and autographs on the walls.

Like other Danish “vinstuer” – winerooms, you cannot find a big selection of wine. There is another story when it comes to beer, where they have a good and varied selection. They are famous for “Gløgg” – the Nordic Christmas Glühwein.

smokers vacation

A nice place you should at least experience at least once in a lifetime!  You find Hviids here, and their homepage is here: It is a nice place to sit outside.

Todays Beer Quote:
“Give me a woman who loves beer and I will conquer the world.”

-Kaiser Welhelm

4 Gardiner

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