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I often get friends visiting, that comes to Denmark on a smokers vacation. In the Danish smoking law, it is allowed to smoke in pubs under 40 m2. This is Denmark, so 40 m2 can be hard to define, so there are many places to hold your smokers vacation.  In this post I want to give some tip on how to be on a smokers vacation and at the same time see some of the beautiful Copenhagen I would like to show some of the variations of the Danish pubs. I am not a smoker myself, so I cannot tell anything about the smoking facilities.


The starting point is the Metrostation at Christianshavn. It is an easy place to access. You can walk along Christianshavns Canal to our first stop. Christianshavn Canal is filled of house boats and is full of life. Christianshavn is a very popular area. I guess there has been several tourists there who has smoked a “fat one”

1st Smokers Break

4 Gardiner

Eiffel Bar – “Paris askew”

After refreshment and a cigarette, the journey goes over Knippelsbro. You can stop to look at the “Black Diamond” (National library), and the rest of the harbour that is changing fast in Copenhagen.

Den Sorte Diamant

When you have crossed the bridge, you will pass the old Stock Echange on the left, and you can see Christiansborg and the Parliament further down on the left. We walk further and you can also pass Arne Jacobsens last signature building – the national bank – before you get too thirsty and need a pitstop.

2nd Smokers Break

4 Gardiner

Cafe Malmø “Relics from the 7 Seas and a jungle of bottle openers”

After the thirst and the need of a smoke is quenched, the journey goes towards Kongens Nytorv.  You can choose the shortest way through the Norwegian hero Tordenskjolds fade, or a little detour through Nyhavn. I would not recommend the latter, that there is a big chance your journey will end there. When you get to Kongens Nytorv, you will find the National Theatre. To us Norwegians it is a nice gesture that the Danes are honouring us, but putting Holberg from Bergen on a statue outside.

3rd Smokers Break

4 Gardiner

Hviids Vinstue “The Norwegian Beer Embassy”

The oldest ”vinstue” – “wineroom” in Copenhagen has to be in this. It is very cosy and has a very social smoking room – a bit on the touristy side though.


Now you can walk up the expensive part of  “Strøget”, take Pilestrædet down to get your throat moist.

4th Smokers Break

4 Gardiner

Charlies Bar “For real English Ale”

This is a “half stop”, because it is not allowed to smoke in the summer. They want beer lovers, not only those who comes for a cigarette. If you enjoy English Beer, we recommend taking this stop. I will do the research if you can smoke when the winter comes. Maybe it is a “Winter resort”

When you have gotten your handpumped ale, you can wander further into Copenhagens small streets and alleys.

5th Smokers Break

3 stk

Bo-Bi Bar “Copenhagens first New York Bar”

After this bohemian visit, we continue down Købmagergade.

Runde tårn Duo

Stop and see the Round tower. Go down Krystalgade, and we are half way.

6th Smokers Break

4 Gardiner

Cafe Halvvejen (Cafe Half Way) “A little pearl filled of treasures”

We are now in the old streets of Copenhagen where the artists and authors lived. Look after details. It is not so far to the next stop

7th Smokers Break

4 Gardiner

Rosengårdens Bodega ”Idyllic Small Faceted Leaded Glas”

You might be at the point now, after all these breaks, that you need to be aired a little bit, so now you are up for a little walk. I recommend that you pass the University, Down Larsbjørnstræde and down Strøget. If you would get extremely thirsty you can buy a Beer at 7-Eleven at the end of Strøget. Sit down on the City Hall Square and enjoy the view!  This is legal in Denmark

City Hall

Go on down Vesterbrogade, left on Reventlowsgade and enter good place to soothe your sore throat. They even have their own beer.

8th Smokers Break

5 Gardiner

Jernbanecafeen ”For the train- and classic enthusiasts”

Jernbanecafeen lays just beside the infamous Istedgade on Vesterbo. The street and the area is changing. Close to the main train station, you can still find the places that made Istedgade famous in Europe in the 70ies. If you go further down, there is now hip cafees, nicely mixed in with places for smokers vacation. We will not go to these at this time, but will walk down Vesterbrogade. A higher experience is awaiting you!

9th Smokers Break

3 stk

Buddha Bar ”The Spiritual Watering Hole”

Vesterbro has turned into one of the more hip places to live in Copenhagen. Just like other former poor areas has seen the same transformation in other big cities. There have been big changes just in the years I have been living here. After Buddha has helped you with your thirst, you will proceed further down Vesterbrogade.

Vaernedamsvej Duo

When you come to Værnedamsvej, it is a little piece of Paris. You are actually leaving Copenhagen, and enter the municipally of Frederiksberg. This little enclave has only borders to Copenhagen. Most people do not notice the any changes.

10th Smokers Break

5 Gardiner

Vinstue 90 “Have a Waiting Beer”

We hope you have enjoyed this little tour. You have walked 5,9 KM and burnt off 354 KCAL – but how many you have gained – that is up to yourself. If you think this is too long, you can make local smokers vacations in areas like Vesterbro, Børrebro or City. You can find places like Funch’s Vinstue, Café Langebro, just to mention a couple. I will return with more tours later.

I have also made a little interactive guide on a map, that you can try if you click the map.

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