Kurts Mor – 4 Curtains

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kurts mor

On Fredens Torv you will find this unique “bodega”. They have exceptionally cheap beer. This usually attracts the guests who often is a little worn down, and have seen better days in life. But not here!  There are many different people, and the place is filled with good karma.

I think the people behind the bar are the reason for this.  They are service minded, happy and fast.  The bare is 2 sided with a top in wood and the front in steel. It costs 10 DKK for a bottle of beer, and they have a lot of cheap vodka shots as well.  They have beer taps, but the kegs were empty when we were there – this is not good!

There is “tuborg green” paneling on the walls. An English Fireplace, without fire. Light yellow curtains(!) and nice decorations on the walls. Over the speakers you can hear old Danish and international classical music.

It is a place you should visit if you come to Aarhus. We give it a 4 since we expect the beer on tap to work next time we come. Get the draft beer going!

The only remaining questions is, who is Kurt’s mor (mother)?  Who was the nice lady that gave inspiration to this place?  Their Danish homepage is here.

Today’s Normism
“Pour you a beer, Mr. Peterson.”
“Alright, but stop me at one…make that one-thirty.”

4 Gardiner

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