Prospect of Whitby – 4 Curtains

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Prospect of Whitby

This is one of the oldest and most famous pubs in London. It is fantastic situated by the riverside of the Thames. There has been a Tavern there since 1520. In the 17th century it was known as a meeting place for smugglers and other villains. Therefore it was called “Devils Tavern”. In the 18th century it burnt, and they rebuilt todays pub. It got the name Prospect of Whitby, after a stranded boat nearby.

When you enter there is an incredible cozy bar. The ceiling is low, and there are nooks and crannies everywhere to sit. You have solid wood pillars and beams. In the first room there is a long bar, that is built on barrels and have a pewter top. If you should need cash for you beers, there is actually a ATM in the room as well. The floor has solid rugged tiles. You walk around the bar and have a perfect view of the Thames. You have another bar en fireplace. You can take the beer out on the terrace, where you can sit and enjoy the air and the waves from the Thames. You can go up from the Restaurant, which also has the same fantastic view of the river.

There is a lot of people, and many tourists. When we were there, it was high spirits and easy to come in contact with the others. But the need to work on the level of service. It can take a long time to be served.

The history of his pub is interesting.  . One of the most famous customers, beside Dickens, is “Hanging Judge Jeffery’s” a particularly tough judge that look at the executions from the pubs balcony.

Prospect of Whitby back

There is a gallows with a hangmans noose by the river. Captain Kidd in 1701 was executed nearby.

Prospect of Whitby kidd hanging

Upstairs there was a cock fight pit and a knuckle fight ring. My parents are passionate Fuchsia growers; I think this fact is interesting: The first Fuchsia in England was bought at this pub. A local gardener bought his from a sailor for a nog of Rum. The gardener went on to grow and sell the flower with big success.

What should we give this fantastic pub? You want to give a 5, but the bad service drags down. The overrepresentation of tourists also ruins the genuine English pub atmosphere. Therefore it is a 4. But we recommend it, and you find it here!

Today’s Beer Quote:
“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

-Benjamin Franklin

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