Man in the Moon – 4 Curtains

Dorsk Flag duoPå Dorsk

Man in the moon

This is Sweden at its best. It is a strange phenomenon that Stieg Larsson described with Kvarnen in his trilogy. It is these beer halls, where the classes could go. You get the local pub atmosphere, and at the same time you get the understanding that this is something special.

The pub is placed on the corner. You enter – and it is maybe a little to 90ies with the orange hair dresser salon walls, but then you are won over. The bar Is fantastic! A big Island bar is in mahogany. There are big leaded windows, tables, benches in green leather and it is just classy! There is no music, just the sound of people discussing. People are here for a good beer. The room is big and airy.

The service is good and the atmosphere also. There is a good selection of beers – both regulars and some from small Swedish breweries as Wisby and Nils Oscar.

You find man in the moon here, and their homepage here.

Today’s Normism:
“How’s life in the fast lane?”
“Dunno, can’t get on the on-ramp.”

4 Gardiner

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