Saddle and Sabre – 4 Curtains

Dorsk Flag duoPå Norsk

Saddle and sabre

Fantastic place – if you love American culture and Bourbon.  Their slogans are “House of Bourbon” and “Southern Hospitality”.  Mine would be “The Sheriff just rode into town”

The bar is long with a broad wooden top you can slide your beer down the bartop, as in the movies. The candles on top add to that feeling, but the steel front of the bar does not. It is a nice contrast, though!  In addition the horseshoes on the footrest contradicts the steel again. Another features I like is some of the bar stools, which is horse saddles. They are actually good to sit in.

The interior is filled with other western culture. Cowboy hats (not to many), riding equipment, old lamps and Jim Bean guitars. There is a busy restaurant as well.

They have the greatest selection of US scotch I have seen, inside and outside of the US, impressive! – and yes they have a great collection of Scottish Whiskey as well.

Friendly service, good atmosphere is the trademark of this place.

You can ride into town here.  Their homepage is here:

Todays Normism

“What would you say to a nice beer, Normie?”
“Going down?”

4 Gardiner

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