Cleveland Arms – 4 Curtains

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Cleveland Arms

We were having an evening stroll in the small streets around the hotel, when we stumbled upon this gem of a pub. It had inviting faceted windows.  As we entered we felt instantly welcome. It is an independent pub with an authentic atmosphere.

The pub is not so big, but there is room enough for everyone. The interior consists of relatively old and worn furniture, but it is the one with charm! There are different birds and there is even a big boar’s head behind the bar.

The beer is cheap. They have some regular Ales as Greene King, and a couple of guest ales. You get free peanuts. There is food there, but don’t go there for a gastronomical experience, the food is prepared in the bar microwave. A good detail is that they use real charcoal on the menu blackboard. The guests are local, no tourist when we were there.

This is a place that grows on you. If you are in the district around Paddington and Bayswater, this is a place to recommend.

Today’s Beer Quote:
“God has a brown voice, as soft and full as beer.”
Anne Sexton

4 Gardiner

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