Does Carlsberg have better Beer hygiene than Heineken?

Dorsk Flag duoPå Dorsk

Those who follow our little blog will see that we are very aware of beer and beer hygiene.  We want fresh, foamy beer from the tap. If they don’t have beer on tap, your grades will go down.  What is worse is that if you have beer on tap, but you do not keep your taps clean. The beer tastes awful, you feel you drink the keg that stores the beer, instead of the lovely amber fluid. It is disrespectful of those who have made the brew, and to us customers.

After I have been on several establishments I think I now can see a little trend. The establishments with Carlsberg brands, have generally better beer hygiene that the ones with Heineken brands. Examples of this could be Axelborg Bodega in Copenhagen and Kristiana Bar og Kafe in Oslo. Fantastic places, Axelborg is a nice traditional Danish Bodega, and Kristiania might be the most beautiful pub in Norway. But what does this help, when the beer tastes like pee? I have more examples if needed.

I have often made a little fun of the “monopoly” Carlsberg. But I want to give the credit on this very important point. I have also heard rumours that they have hired people to check their establishments and the hygiene of the beer they serve. Well done!

Do others share the same experience as I do, or am I off target here?

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