Kristiania Bar og Kafe – 3 Curtains

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Kristiania Bar

This is a pub that is a little hidden away in the old railwaystation ”Østbanen” in Oslo. You enter from the old railway hall, and one of Norway’s most grand and beautiful pubs is revealed. The premises are magnificent, with 8 meters to the roof. There is a large island bar in the middle. It is in mahogany with a large clock on top. Around the bar there is plenty of place to mingle and walk around. On the wall towards the hall there are benches, out in the big room, there are tables with benches, and a large “kitchen table”. On one sidewall there are comfortable Chesterfields, and on the other there are benches with high backs. Towards the seaside there are tall tables, where you can enjoy the beer and the view. You can also sit outside. There is high mahogany on the walls, and beautiful décor over that. Up towards the rood you have beautiful paintings and large mirrors. On the floors you have nice black and white tiles.

They have more beers than normal in a Norwegian pub. A big plus, but they get a big minus for the beer hygiene. The beer tastes like metal, and it seems the taps have not been cleaned this year! They have a good variation of liquor also.

The atmosphere suffers from the location. It is mainly people that is waiting for a train there. I believe that when the area around the Opera is developed this will be increasingly popular.

You find their homepage here:

Today’s Beer Quote:
“A woman drove me to drink and I didn’t even have the decency to thank her.”

-W.C. Fields

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