Grusgraven – 3 Curtains

Dorsk Flag duoPå  Dorsk


I have passed by Grusgraven sevaral times without entering.  Without any good reason, but after a couple of visits, I will recommend to not pass by, but enter.

You enter directly into the living room, almost like grandmothers living room.  There are 3 rooms at granny.  In the first there is the bare. It is a corner bar, with an hanging over bar. They do not have any beers on tap unfortunately, but the service is good and humorous. The beer is cheap.

In the next living room, there are many paintings and some of the kitschy printed mirrors from the popular 80ies. The walls are in duo toned Tuborg Green. The interior is a mix of many different benches and tables.  The lamps are in the style from last century.  There are many flowers. You have to enjoy cigarette smoke, because it is allowed to smoke there. In the final room there is a little table.

smokers vacation

It is a popular place with a lot of guests. They were a little on the old side when we last visited, but I know there are a lot of students here also.  You can see some nice features as this exit sign:

Grusgraven Exit

You find Grusgraven on the corner of Enghavevej 11

Today’s Beer Quote:
24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case. Coincidence?

Stephen Wright


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