Mormors Stue – 4 Curtains

Dorsk Flag duoPå Dorsk


In a little alley lays this place that is properly named. In English the name is grandma’s living room. This is exactly the feeling you get when you enter.  There are many small rooms with old furniture. There are heckled table clothes, curtains with laces. Yes, Grandma cozy!  Upstairs there is a big living room with a big fireplace in addition to a smaller living room. The furniture is old and grandma like.

The place is famous for being the place with the cheapest beer in Trondheim. The combination of this fact and the coziness makes it a very popular and crowded place. The people are of all ages. A good place to visit if you are in Trondheim. You find their homepage here.

Todays Beer Quote
“I never met a pub I didn’t like.”

-Pete Slosberg, Founder of Pete’s Brewing Company

4 Gardiner

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