Bobby’s Bar – 2 Curtains

Dorsk Flag duoPå Dorsk


It is good for Bobby Ewing, Kennedy or whoever this place is named after that we have been here before. At that time we were very impressed by their hospitality, positivity and sense of humor. We thought all the negative we had read about the place was far out. After doing a checkup visit, this place failed totally. If it had not been for the first visit, this would be a one curtain place.

As we enter, the friendliness was there a little bit. We go to the free table with benches around that have the flower pattern from the 80ies. You have some French pictures on the walls. The room is small. Were we sit, there is a TV. We like TV to see sports and so on. We were there when the news came on. The regulars are from the grey haired age. No problem there, but they have all forgotten their hearing aid at home, and the sound is turned up. We try to hint that the sound is a little high. This makes them turn it on max sound, so we cannot hear anything we try to talk about.

We give it a 2, for the first good impression.  We will also check the next time we come to Trondheim. You find Bobby’s here. The beer is not especially cheap.

Today’s Beer Quote.
Beer was invented by accident – the accident was that it was not invented earlier
Monrad & Rislund.


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