Definition of Yellow Curtains

Yellow Curtains is an honor for a pub. The more yellow, the better.  When you could smoke in the pubs, the curtains stored the history of the pub. The white curtains turned yellow from the smoke – the more yellow – the better.

We have therefore decided to grade the pubs on a scale from 1-5 yellow curtains. 5 Curtains is very prestigious and given to a just a few. The judgment and comments are purely subjective. The judgement is done through all parts of the day, with the variations this can create.  The Danish Bodega is an ideal, but there are not so many of these outside Denmark.

In Sweden, we judge the old inns, since there are not many typical bodegas. We judge the old pubs, not the modern ones.

In Norwegian they often call yellow curtains “Brown Cafees”.

In England, where there are so many pubs, you will find a huge overrepresentation of good judgements, but that is because we have done research before we go on a trip, so we don’t waste time on lousy pubs.

We will judge as many Yellow Curtains our economy allows!

The owner of the Blog has visited all pubs personally

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