The myth about Denmark: Beer is good and everybody is drinking!

This started as a celebration of the Danish “værtshuse” or pubs – so do I need to say more?

Danish ”værtshus”(pubs) culture is unique.  It is open, friendly, unpretentious and there is room for all. They come in all versions, from the worn down to the more modern. Unfortunately have many been closed in the last years. The trend is changing, fortunately, because the young people has discovered this culture and goes to the pubs again. The problem is as it is stated in one old classic song – there is glue on the stool!

The problem in Denmark is often that the selection of beers is limited. The Carlsberg Monopoly is heavily in the market, and those who carry Carlsberg and Tuborg seldom carry anything else.  But on the other side – the monopoly beers are good!


The prices along the tourist routes have increased tremendously lately, and in some areas it is close to the Norwegian prices! A little sad when the drinking culture is all about getting drunk. It gets expensive and Carlsberg looses business!

You can still smoke in the smaller pubs. I often gets vistors from Norwegians on smoking vacation. Enjoy it while it lasts!

The Yellow Curtain of the year in Denmark 2008 was Vinstue 90

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