In how many countries can you with certainty predict when the first snowfall will be, even the first snowstorm?  Where it even is welcomed with joy? I know just one country and this is Denmark. You can set your watch after this. The snow falls at 20.59 on the first Friday in November, or this year it is the last Friday in October so the snow will fall at 20.59 at October 30th.

J dag 2009

This is called J-day and is without doubt the day when most Danes go out on town. What is this snow that falls?  It is the Christmas beer from Tuborg, and nobody serves this before 20.59, and in many bars and bodegas there is a countdown to this magic minute. Tuborg has rented many trucks that drives from bar to bar, with the blue snow dressed workers. Some are sexier than others. They conquer pub after pub, gives out free snow, and make fun.  I get international visitors for this big happening.

j day merch

What is the history behind one of the best marketing stunts in the history of beer?
Tuborg Christmasbeer was first released in 1981. A very tasty, strong, with a little liquorice added. It tastes very well. In 1983 genius struck for the first time. They made the Christmas commercial for the Christmas beer, and is been running every year afterwards with great success.  Tuborg does not have any plans to change this in the near future.

In 1990 the first J-Day (Jule – Christmas beer) was marketed from Tuborg in connection with the Christmas Beer launch.  Thereafter J-Day was made into a yearly tradition on the 2nd Wednesday of nevember at 23.59. In 1999 J-day was moved from Wednesday until the first Friday in November at 20.59. This was primarily because of all the students that did not meet for school the next day. Tuborg also makes popular J-Day merchandise that people wear with great joy.

Pubs are celebrating J-Day
A lot of pubs, really enjoy the visit from the blue Tuborg santas, and make special events. A couple of examples. On Café Bryggeriet, there is a marching band at 20.59 and opens J-day.

J dag bryggeriet

On Restaurant Klubben, Tuborg comes a little later, and they have magicians and performers entertaining.

You can read more on Tuborg webpage.

Last year 65% our readers on the “Dorwegian Blog” said they would attend J-Day. Very impressing when there is a lot of international readers.

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