What is the myth about Norway?  Everything is expensive!  The myth is real, but not as bad as I was before. When I arrived in Denmark 10 years ago, there was a big difference in prices between Copenhagen and Oslo. There is not a big difference between Aker Brygge and Nyhavn/Gråbrødre Torv. The difference is that you still can find many cheap bodegas outside the tourist traps in Denmark. Here is a cool link to the Beer Prices in Oslo (in Norwegian) . All prices are in pints. The cheapest on  Jula 20th 09 is 29 NOK to 86 NOK

The beer in Norway is usually delivered by the big Carlsberg monopoly, as in Denmark. So you do not find so many places with a big selection of Beers. There are some variation from town to town. Ringnes in Oslo, Aas in Drammen, CB in Kristianssand, Hansa in Bergen, E.C Dahl in Trondheim and Mack in Tromsø. This is from the age when the country was devied between the breweries.  Now it is Carlsberg and Heineken which devide the country.

Norwegian pubs come in all variations – some almost as Danish Bodegas, and others more cafelike – and some with farmers touch.

Norwegians do not drink to enjoy the breeze a small intoxication gives, but to get drunk, as most of the others in the Nordics. It is easy to come in contact with outer people out on town. Have had guests who said that Oslo is a fantastic city to go out in.  I think it is a little more than ok.

If you have money – I can recommend Norway

Yellow Curtain of the year in 2008 was Asylet

Polar Bear Waltz

Yes of  course, the myth that polar bears are daincing in the streets is true.

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