The Myth about Sweden is that everything is forbidden and as in Norway, everything is expensive!

In my experience this is partially true, but Sweden has so much more to offer.


The most impressing is the beer selection. In Sweden you are not so øltårnrestricted by the Carlsberg Monopoly. It is not unusual to find between 20 and 30 beers on tap at some places. They often have a basis selection, then there are the special beers from the small breweries that often changes. In a couple of places, they have actually made beer towers where the taps are placed over each others, only to get place for all beerlabels.

There are not so many Danish pubs as the “bodegatype” in Sweden.  You have the English style pubs, and beer halls similar to the Swedish style.  On example of this is Kvarnen, as Stieg Larson used as a prop in the trilogy about Lisbeth Salander.

The prices are between the Norwegian and Danish. It has been cheap lately because of the exchange rates.  In Sweden you have many door guards, and you will easily be thrown out if you grab a beer or two too many….

If you are in Sweden you could also visit the ”Systembolaget”. Foreign beers like the Czech are cheaper there than in the Danish Shops.

The Yellow Curtain of the year in Denmark 2008 was Wirströms Pub


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